Give Davies a try, we promise you won't be disappointed!

At Davies Aviation, we are committed to ensuring you as the aircraft owner, are happy with our work! Our staff go over and beyond to make sure your aircraft is maintained to the highest standard. And just to show we care, every 100HRLY we wash and dry your aircraft! Just to show we love your business! 

We use environmentally sustainable materials in all of our work!

Fast turnaround times whilst maintaining the highest quality maintenance!

Our facility is right opposite to the GA Parking at the Sunshine Coast Airport (YBSU)!

Our Industry connections mean we have access to great resources for you!

Need Maintenance?
Get it done right the first time!

With a large variety of CAR Maintenance Approvals, we can almost do anything! Need your aircraft painted? We can do it! Need your engine Overhauled? We have the connections to do it! All while keeping the cost at a minimum! 

Types of Approvals
Staff Members
Years of Industry Experience